Course outline (Digital Systems)

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Hilary Term

[1] Microcontrollers and embedded programming. Architecture of the micro:bit. Programmer's model. Execution of an instruction. Compiling and building a program.

[2] Multiplying numbers. Conditional and unconditional branches. Instruction encodings.

[3] Memory and addressing.

Stack frames.

Example: binomial coefficients.

Number representations.

Linker segments.

Memory-mapped I/O.

GPIO(General-Purpose Input/Output). A peripheral interface that provides direct access to pins of the microcontroller chip. Pins may be configured as inputs or outputs, and interrupts may be associated with state changes on certain input pins. On the <span style="font-family: 'Roboto Slab', Ubuntu, sans-serif">micro:bit</span>, the LEDs and pushbuttons are connected to GPIO pins.. Multiplexed LED display.

Serial port.


Trinity Term

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