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Tangerine Tree volume 17: East Berlin 1980

Design & Graphics: Maff

Live, released January 2003


  1. Introduction 4:02
  2. East Berlin 80, Part One 37:29
  3. East Berlin 80, Part Two 45:50
  4. East Berlin 80, Part Three 13:41

Total running time 101:02

Date:January 31st, 1980
Site:Palast der Republik (East Berlin)
Composer(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling

Playing two concerts on January 31st, 1980 to a crowd of approximately 3,000 people in the 'Palast der Republik' in East Berlin, this legendary performance 'behind the Iron Curtain' was the first live appearance for Johannes Schmoelling, taking place just a few weeks after he joined Tangerine Dream in late 1979 and a few months before the release of the album Tangram. The concert was part of the 22nd 'DT64-Jugendkonzert' series (youth concerts organized by the DT64 radio station), and the complete evening show was broadcast on East German radio in February 1980 (and again later in 1989).

The music featured on Tangerine Tree Volume 17: East Berlin 1980 is for the most part still unreleased officially, with only the first twenty minutes of the second set being more or less identical to Quichotte, Part Two as released on the album Quichotte (1980) of the GDR label Amiga and its international re-release Pergamon (1986). The source of this volume was a tape copy taken directly from a reel-to-reel master recording which no longer exists.

This release replaces several bootleg versions taken from this broadcast recording that emerged on the market during the eighties and nineties (including the vinyl release Staatsgrenze West and several releases on MC and CD-R).

Quality: MP3@224kbps CBR, 164.9 MB

Tangerine Tree volume 18: Montreal 1977

Design: Maff, Graphics: Marko Marin

Live, released January 2003


  1. Cherokee Lane [1977 live version] 19:11
  2. Monolight [1977 live version] 23:42
  3. Montreal 77, Part Three 24:18
  4. Montreal 77, Part Four 23:39
  5. Montreal 77, Part Five 11:33
  6. Montreal 77, Part Six 12:29

Total running time 114:52

Date:April 9th, 1977
Site:Place des Arts (Montreal)
Composer(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann

During Tangerine Dream's North American Encore tour of 1977, two of their concerts were thankfully broadcast over radio. The first was the concert at the Washington Lisner Auditorium on April 4th (see Tangerine Tree Volume 4: Washington 1977), and Montreal Palace des Arts followed soon after on April 9th. The still existing CHOM-FM radio station aired the complete show, and despite some minor technical flaws (and the disturbing comments from the CHOM-FM presenter during some of the tracks), Tangerine Tree Volume 18: Montreal 1977 is able to present another outstanding performance from the Froese/Franke/Baumann line-up.

The quality of the music alone would justify an official release as it has all the trademarks which made Encore such a fan favourite. For the North American tour, Tangerine Dream always began their concerts with variations on Cherokee Lane and Monolight, which were then followed by music which was, for the most part, completely improvised. The band also appeared onstage with Laserium, an outfit that produced laser light spectacles. Laserium effects were used again for the Cyclone tour in the following year.

Of all the shows Tangerine Dream performed during this tour, nine audience recordings and two radio broadcasts are known to exist; all show a group at their creative peak.

This album has been officially re-released as Montreal - April 9th 1977.

Quality: MP3@224kbps CBR, 186.2 MB

Tangerine Tree volume 19: Paris 1976

Design & Graphics: Maff

Live, released January 2003


  1. Paris 76.2, Part One 20:44
  2. Paris 76.2, Part Two 25:50
  3. Paris 76.2, Part Three 37:34
  4. Paris 76.2, Part Four 16:10
  5. Paris 76.2, Part Five 13:27

Total running time 113:45

Date:November 22nd, 1976
Site:Palais du Sport (Paris)
Composer(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann

During 1976, Tangerine Dream performed at least 40 live concerts, of which around 25 fan recordings are known to exist. the gig at Paris Palais du Sport ranks among the very best of them. Each concert still sounded unique as all of the music performed was completely improvised (despite some occasional familiar themes that occurred here and there), but few of them equal the sheer brilliance of what was played during this particular evening.

From dreamy, atmospheric passages to wild, uncontrolled screaming and shouting accompanied by music that can almost be described as Punk or Heavy Metal (as can heard on the second track), the Froese/Franke/Baumann line-up played an awesome concert with great variety. Tangerine Tree Volume 19: Paris 1976 presents this concert remastered from an audience recording master tape of excellent sound quality.

Quality: MP3@224kbps CBR, 185.6 MB

Tangerine Tree volume 20: Warsaw 1997

Design: Maff, Graphics: Steve Craftman

Live, released January 2003


  1. Waterborne [1997 live version] 6:26
  2. Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) [1997 live version] 3:04
  3. Diamond Diary [1997 live version] 3:02
  4. Escape From Shadowland [1997 live version] 2:04
  5. Sundance Kid [1997 live version] 6:23
  6. Silver Scale [1997 live version] 8:16
  7. Warsaw In The Sun [1997 live version] 4:43
  8. Exit [1997 live version] 4:36
  9. Stratosfear 1995 [1997 live version, titled Stratosfear '95] 8:16
  10. Dolphin Dance [1997 live version] 5:13
  11. Logos Blue [1997 live version, titled Logos '88] 7:19
  12. Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk) [1997 live version] 3:52
  13. The Blue Bridge [1997 live version] 4:03

Total running time 67:17

Date:June 13th, 1997
Site:Sala Kongresowa (Warsaw)
Composer(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese
Musician(s):Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Zlatko Perica, Emil Hachfeld (†)

Tangerine Dream's gig in June 1997 was the last concert of their European tour in spring 1997. The first set of that show (the so-called 'Vintage Set', consisting of older compositions for the most part) was broadcast by the Polish FM radio. A remastered version of excellent quality of this broadcast can be heard on Tangerine Tree Volume 20: Warsaw 1997. The track list is slightly different to the set that was recorded during the London concert in November 1997 and released officially as Valentine Wheels. Thus, the Warsaw record is a nice counterpart to the album Tournado, which features the second set (the 'Modern Set') of the tour, as recorded in Zabrze in April 1997.

Quality: MP3@224kbps CBR, 109.7 MB

Tangerine Tree volume 21: Detroit 1992

Design: Maff, Graphics: Marko Marin

Live, released January 2003


  1. Waterborne [1992 live version] 4:23
  2. Touchwood [1992 live version] 4:55
  3. Rolling Down Cahuenga [1992 live version] 6:51
  4. The Blue Bridge [1992 live version] 3:42
  5. Oriental Haze [1992 live version] 6:09
  6. Graffiti Street [1992 live version] 6:08
  7. Melrose [1992 live version] 6:40
  8. Two Bunch Palms [1992 live version] 5:46
  9. 220 Volt [1992 live version] 8:29
  10. Homeless [1992 live version] 10:26
  11. Story Of The Brave [1992 live version] 4:33
  12. Sundance Kid [1992 live version] 5:00
  13. Girls On Broadway [1992 live version] 4:59
  14. Love On A Real Train (Risky Business) [1992 live version, titled Love On A Real Train] 3:51
  15. Backstreet Hero [1992 live version] 8:43
  16. Body Corporate [1992 live version] 3:57
  17. Rockoon [1992 live version] 7:27
  18. One Night In Medina [1992 live version] 4:30
  19. Hamlet [1992 live version] 8:39
  20. Dreamtime [1992 live version] 3:32
  21. Purple Haze [1992 live version] 4:03

Total running time 122:43

Date:October 20th, 1992
Site:Fox Theater (Detroit)
Composer(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, Jerome Froese, Linda Spa, Jimi Hendrix
Musician(s):Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Linda Spa, Zlatko Perica

Between October 4th and November 1st, 1992, Tangerine Dream were 'on the road again', giving a total of 22 concerts in North America to promote their new album Rockoon, released by Miramar earlier that year. Of this tour 14 concerts exist as audience recordings, and without a doubt Detroit October 20th, as featured on Tangerine Tree Volume 21: Detroit 1992, is the best of them.

The band were performing with a new line-up (including Zlatko Perica on guitar), as Paul Haslinger had chosen to leave the band in 1991 to pursue a solo career. The advertisement for the Rockoon tour showed Klaus Krüger as part of the line-up, who was best known amongst Tangerine Dream fans for playing percussions on the albums Cyclone, Ages (both 1978) and Force Majeure (1979), as on the 1978 European tour. Ultimately however he did not participate of the 1992 tour, most probably due to musical differences.

The music played during the tour was a nice mixture of track mostly taken from Melrose (1990) and Rockoon (1992), and previously unreleased pieces subsequently chosen for the 220 Volt Live album which Miramar would release a year later. Each gig ended with an instrumental cover version of the Jimi Hendrix song Purple Haze, including sound bites of Daffy Duck which somehow didn't make it into 220 Volt Live.

Quality: MP3@224kbps CBR, 198.6 MB

Tangerine Tree volume 22: Orange 1975

Design: Maff & Gustavo Jobim

Live, released January 2003


  1. Orange 73, Part One 38:02
  2. Orange 73, Part Two 19:16

Total running time 57:18

Date:August 16th, 1975
Site:Theatre Antique (Orange)
Composer(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann

Tangerine Tree Volume 22: Orange 1975 presents another unique TD gig from the mid-seventies. Despite the overmodulation that is present during parts of this audience recording, the concert at the Orange Theatre Antique, August 16th, 1975 is surely one of the most fascinating documents of the Froese/Franke/Baumann era that still remains unreleased officially.

Tangerine Dream were performing in a huge ancient Roman theatre built in the late 1st century BC, with a seating capacity of almost 5,000 people. It must have been an inspiring venue, as the music itself is quite unlike anything heard before or since. Although the first few minutes are in no way different than the other performances of the time, the slow and atmospheric mood quickly changes into what can best be described as 'dangerous'. A couple of seconds later and suddenly all hell breaks loose; never have Chris Franke's sequencers been as fast or aggressive as on this awesome recording, and all three of them perform a completely stunning electronic masterpiece which seperates the countless imitators from the original that is Tangerine Dream.

Quality: MP3@224kbps CBR, 95.0 MB

Tangerine Tree volume 23: Berlin 1973

Design: Maff, Graphics: Marko Marin

Live, released January 2003


  1. West Berlin 7340:14

Total running time 40:14

Date:November 29th, 1973
Site:Deutschlandhalle (Berlin)
Composer(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann

Tangerine Tree Volume 23: Berlin 1973 presents Tangerine Dream's concert at the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin, that took place on November 29th, 1973. A few days later the band went into studio to record Phaedra, the album which earned TD widespread recognition as pioneers of electronic music. However, the music performed at this concert has little to do with their breakthrough album, and is much more reminiscent of earlier recordings auch as Alpha Centauri (1971), Zeit (1972) or Atem (1973).

Nonetheless, it is another fascinating concert which shows the improvisational skills of the Froese/Franke/Baumann line-up, and their urge to explore new musical territories. This recording was broadcast by the German RIAS Radio station and is an important document of the early years of Tangerine Dream, especially as few unreleased recordings still exist from that era.

Quality: MP3@192kbps CBR, 120.4 MB

Tangerine Tree volume 24: Laguna Hills 1986

Design: Maff, Graphics: Steve Craftman

Live, released January 2003


  1. Pilots Of Purple Twilight [1986 live version] 5:18
  2. Stratosfear [1986 live version] 6:51
  3. Akash Deep [1986 live version] 13:19
  4. Beneath The Waves [1986 live version] 3:04
  5. Zen Garden (Ryoanji Temple Kyoto) [1986 live version] 4:53
  6. Scuba Scuba [1986 live version] 4:48
  7. Coloured Rain [1986 live version] 3:46
  8. Piano Medley [1986 live version] 3:16
  9. Dolphin Dance [1986 live version] 7:13
  10. The Velvet Garden [1986 live version; part of the track Dolphin Dance] 2:01
  11. Ride On The Ray [1986 live version] 10:48
  12. Going West [1986 live version] 5:45
  13. Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mountains) [1986 live version] 5:53
  14. Underwater Twilight [1986 live version] 4:24
  15. Legend Leftover [1986 live version] 4:06
  16. Unicorn Theme [1986 live version, subtitled (Long Version)] 8:00
  17. Piano Concerto #20 K 466 [1986 live version] 2:20
  18. Rare Bird [1986 live version] 4:51
  19. Bois de Boulogne (Paris) [1986 live version, titled Bois de Boulogne] 6:16

Total running time 106:52

Date:June 6th, 1986
Site:Irvine Meadows Amphitheater (Laguna Hills)
Composer(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, W.A. Mozart
Musician(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Paul Haslinger

Just a few months after Johannes Schmoelling had decided to leave the band to pursue his own solo career, Tangerine Dream were on the road again with a new line-up: Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, and a young Austrian musician named Paul Haslinger.

In 1986 they toured extensively in Europe and the United States to promote the new release Underwater Sunlight, and gave a total of 45 concerts of which most of them exist as fan recordings. The music heard on Tangerine Tree Volume 24: Laguna Hills 1986 features a complete audience recording of the concert held in the Irvine Meadows Amphiteater in the city of Laguna Hills, California on June 6th. As with most of the fantape recordings that exist from the North American 1986 tour, the crowd can be heard shouting and talking in-between the music.

Listening to this audience master tape recording under headphones gives a good impression of what it was like to be there, standing in the audience and watching the show with other Tangerine Dream fans. The music is an excellent mixture of previously released tracks mostly taken from albums like Le Parc (1985) and Underwater Sunlight (1986), but also features material which so far has yet to be released officially.

This release made the bootleg Sonambulistic Imagery obsolete, featuring the same concert.

Quality: MP3@224kbps CBR, 174.9 MB

Tangerine Tree volume 25: Detroit 1977

Design & Graphics: Maff

Live, released January 2003


  1. Cherokee Lane [1977 live version, titled Part I] 13:03
  2. Detroit 77, Part Five [1977 live version, titled Part II] 14:29
  3. Monolight [1977 live version, titled Part III] 22:15
  4. Detroit 77, Part Three [1977 live version, titled Part IV] 19:59
  5. Detroit 77, Part Six [1977 live version, titled Part V] 6:52
  6. Detroit 77, Part Four [1977 live version, titled Part VI] 14:37
  7. Detroit 77, Part Seven [1977 live version, titled Part VII] 11:55

Total running time 103:10

Date:March 31st, 1977
Site:Ford Auditorium (Detroit)
Composer(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann

Two days after starting their North American tour in the city of Milwaukee on March 29th, 1977, Tangerine Dream gave an outstanding performance in the Detroit Ford Auditorium, a concert that can be best described as 'Heavy Metal Electronics', as it contains some of the most vicious and furious guitar work by Edgar Froese that has been heard so far.

Maybe he wanted to pay tribute to Detroit's punk music heroes The Stooges, whose singer Iggy Pop was mentioned in the credits of Edgar Froese's solo work Macula Transfer. Compared to the excellent audience recording as presented on Tangerine Tree Volume 25: Detroit 1977, the official Encore double album release sounds almost tame, and it seems that the frantic Detroit audience transported Tangerine Dream to new creative heights, such is the intensity of this concert.

With Tangerine Tree VIII, released in late 2005, the original release has been replaced by Tangerine Tree Volume 25: Detroit 1977, a new version of this recording, offering a clearer sound, being remastered from a first generation recording.

Quality: MP3@224kbps CBR, 167.1 MB

Tangerine Tree volume 26: Brussels 1980

Design: Maff & Gustavo Jobim

Live, released January 2003


  1. Undulation [1980 live version] 5:17
  2. Track 80 [1980 live version, titled Oceadium] 6:54
  3. Calymba Caly [1980 live version] 15:24
  4. Unexpected Death [1980 live version, titled Undulation (Reprise)] 4:51
  5. Piano Solo 80 [1980 live version, titled Bruparck] 4:14
  6. Force Majeure [1980 live version] 3:27
  7. The Price [1980 live version] 3:04
  8. Silver Scale [1980 live version] 18:32
  9. Horns Of Doom [1980 live version] 3:06
  10. PhaseA compiler module that transforms the program being compiled from one representation into a possibly different representation. In the compilers we design, phases mostly run sequentially, each making a separate pass over the program; but it is possible to combine multiple phases into a single pass, for example generating intermediate code at the same time as parsing an expression, rather than constructing an explicit abstract syntax tree and then walking over it. Change [1980 live version] 4:18
  11. Diamond Duster [1980 live version] 4:26
  12. Diamond Diary [1980 live version, subtitled (Guitar Part)] 9:49
  13. Choronzon [1980 live version] 11:09
  14. Encore 80 [1980 live version, titled Atomium] 6:29

Total running time 101:00

Date:October 13th, 1980
Site:Cirque Royal (Brussels)
Composer(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s):Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling

The Europe/US tour of autumn 1980 was Johannes Schmoelling's first extensive concert tour with Tangerine Dream. Starting in Kiel, Germany on October 11th and ending in Santa Monica, USA on November 22nd 1980, it covered 28 performances of which 17 exist as fan tape recordings.

For the first time in Tangerine Dream's career, the music played within a concert tour was no longer entirely improvised. There was little room for variation, except for keyboard and piano solos that were performed differently now and then. The eighties had finally arrived, and the very productive Froese/Franke/Schmoelling line-up presented a live set with state-of-the-art sequencer music which even twenty years later still sounds fresh and innovative. Although very reminiscent of Thief, large parts of the music that were played during this tour are still unreleased, but Tangerine Tree Volume 26: Brussels 1980 with its mostly excellent sound quality surely is able to fill the gap.

Quality: MP3@224kbps CBR, 165.0 MB

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