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+(* lab2/check.mli *)
+(* Copyright (c) 2017 J. M. Spivey *)
+This module is the semantic analysis pass of the compiler.  It
+provides a single function |annotate| that takes a program, checks it
+for semantic errors, and annotates each applied occurrence of an
+identifier with the corresponding definition.  These annotations are
+used by the code generation pass to generate code for variable
+If a semantic error is detected, |annotate| raises the exception
+|Semantic_error|.  Its arguments are a line number and a format and
+argument list that can be passed to printf to print the message.
+Because there is no way of resuming the analysis, only one error can
+be detected per run of the compiler.
+(* |annotate| -- check tree for type errors and annotate with definitions *)
+val annotate : Tree.program -> unit
+(* |Semantic_error| -- exception raised if error detected *)
+exception Semantic_error of string * Print.arg list * int