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A table of data about each experiment, indexed by the 'internal code', e.g. X2100. The fields for each experiment:

  1. Serial number. Example: 1.
  2. Two-digit serial number, used to form directory name. Example: 01.
  3. Directory name. Example: echo, giving x01-echo as the full directory name.
  4. Page title. Example: Building a program. The full page title will be 'Experiment 1 – Building a program'.
  5. Internal code, used for links. Example: X1000.
  6. Aim of the experiment. Example: Check you can upload a simple program.

Uses, for experiment X2100:

  • {{Xref|X2100}} gives a link 'Experiment 10' to the experiment page, labelled with the serial number.
  • {{Xproj|X2100}} gives the experiment's short name 'x10'.
  • {{Xdir|X2100}} gives the experiment's directory name 'x10-serial'.
  • {{Xtitle|X2100}} gives the experiment's title 'Experiment 10 – Serial communication'.