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* [[Appendix A: Hardware setup]].
* [[Appendix A: Hardware setup]].
* [[Appendix B: Software setup]].
* [[Appendix B: Software setup]].
* [[Software setup]].
* [[The microbit page|The {{microbit}} page]].
* [[The microbit page|The {{microbit}} page]].

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Front cover

Twenty-one experiments in low-level programming

This book describes a series of experiments in programming the BBC micro:bit at a low level.

I am now in discussions with publishers about how to take the project forward, including what will continue to appear on the website. The code for the experiments will remain available on GitHub and continue to be updated. If you would like to look at sample chapters or try out the experiments, please get in touch with me and I will give you access. – Mike


Online material

Part 1: Machine code programming

The first third of the book is about programming at the machine level: instructions, how they are implemented by a computer, and how they can be combined to carry put familiar programming tasks.

Part 2: Input/output devices

This part of the book is about programming I/O devices: how input and output happens by reading and writing device registers, and how we can use interrupts to make the computer respond to events.

Part 3: An embedded operating system

The last third of the book introduces micro:bian, a tiny embedded operating system based on message passing, and uses it to organise programs that contain multiple processes interleaved with each other.

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