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Front cover

Twenty-one experiments in low-level programming

Welcome to the online version of my book, "Bare metal micro:bit", an experiment-based introduction to programming embedded devices at the machine level. The book shows you how to program the ARM-based BBC micro:bit in assembly language and in C, and later how to use a simple, embedded operating system.

The book contains 21 experiments, each described in a separate chapter that is linked from this page: the blue links are ready to follow now, and the red links lead to experiments to be added in the future. At the end of this page are links to supporting pages that cover the hardware you will need, how to set up the software tools you will use to program it, and definitive documentation for the micro:bit board. After you have set up software and hardware, you are ready to begin the Experiment 1, an easy task where you compile and upload a simple C program to check that everything is working properly.

Part 1: Machine code programming

Part 2: Input/output devices

Part 3: An embedded operating system

Bonus programs

Online resources

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