Laboratory exercises (Object-Oriented Programming)

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The lab exercises for the course are based on programs written in Scala. I've offered a choice between using the Eclipse IDE and a more 'traditional' approach based on a text editor and Makefiles; both are supported by the lab materials, and in fact it's possible to mix the two approaches. There are some tasks – such as regression testing of the editor – that can only be carried out from the command line.

The materials are delivered using an anonymous Mercurial server in a way described in the manual. You can also browse the materials using the URL

Solutions to the lab exercises are accessible to tutors and demonstrators on a private page.

Sample write-up

Part of the assessment of the course will be to complete and write up some parts of the practical exercises and to complete some further exercises in a similar style. To help with the task of writing up your work, I offer here a

of a part of the practical exercises that is not part of the assessment.