Problem sheets (Imperative Programming)

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All solutions are accessible to tutors on a different page.

There are four problem sheets for this course, and they are intended to provide material for four tutorials. To save paper and the time of those who do the photocopying, I've collected all the problem sheets into one document.

There is also a document containing some extra problems, some of them more challenging, and a few that are straightforward exercises on invariants for those who need extra practice. I've also compiled an extra sheet of revision problems that could be used as holiday work; I leave it up to tutors whether to set it for their own pupils.

Problem sheets

  • Collected problem sheets. In the absence of other instructions from your tutor, I suggest you do the problems from one of these four sheets for each tutorial.
  • Extra problems. These problems raise interesting additional points, make links with other courses, and provide extra practice.
  • Revision problems. These problems cover a range of topics from the course, and are suitable for revision once the course is over.

New for 2014

  • An edited collection of vacation problems for use with the Scala-based version of the course.

Past exam questions

  • Exam paper from 2007.
  • Exam paper from 2008.
  • Exam paper from 2009.
  • Exam paper from 2010.