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Welcome to Spivey's Corner

This Wiki provides course materials and a discussion forum for the lecture courses that I give to Computer Science students in Oxford.

Some pages will contain course material, and I will protect these from editing, so that everyone can see the material as I presented it. But each protected page will have an associated discussion page, and you are welcome to add comments there, or to make additions to any of the other pages. To make edits, you will need to create an account for yourself.

In view of the name, I should make it clear that this Wiki bears no relationship to the community of Spivey's Corner, NC, despite the fact that the latter was at one time home to the U.S. National Hollerin' Contest.[1] To paraphrase the Wikipedia article, this Wiki ...

was inaugurated in order to revive the almost-lost art of "lecturin'", a sophisticated vocal tradition that served as a means of short-distance communication between individuals as well as an amusing form of entertainment, before the widespread adoption of PowerPoint.

  1. Some people have skeptically alleged that Spivey's Corner is no more than a PhotoShop-enhanced figment of my imagination. A Google map proves otherwise.