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The aim of this project is to build a hybrid music synthesizer with approxiamtely the capabilities of the Minimoog, mostly using Moog designs with updated components for the analog part, and an AVR with DACs for the digital part. Oscillators, Moog ladder filter and VCAs will be analog, while the LFO and envelope generators will be digital. The plan is to control the synth from an external MIDI keyboard, and maybe also from a wind controller.

One simplifying factor is that op-amps have improved greatly since the Moog days, and it's possible to settle on a single FET-input chip for most purposes. I've decided to standardise on the LF412 dual op-amp.

A stock of LF412s

What follows is a blog-style log of progress, in reverse chronological order.

Project synth/16th July 2016 Project synth/13th July 2016

Project documents