Reading list (Imperative Programming)

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There is no set text for the course, in the sense of a book that we will work our way through, lecture by lecture. The best book about Oberon is

Reiser & Wirth, Programming in Oberon, Addison--Wesley, 1992.

That book is out of print, but a scanned version has been made available.

Each lecture is supported by a handout that can be found on the course outline, and there is also a fuller set of lecture notes from a previous year that may help with revision.

Our local Oberon compiler implements the Oberon--2 dialect, with a few minor differences that are explained in the Lab Manual. The language itself is described in the Oberon--2 report from ETHZ (local copy in PDF).


As background to Lab 4, you may want to look at the following paper.

J. W. Hunt and M. D. McIlroy, An algorithm for differential file comparison, Computer Science Technical Report 41, AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories, July 1976. (local copy).

A different, faster, comparison algorithm is described in the paper,

Eugene W. Myers, An O(ND) difference algorithm and its variations, Algorithmica 1 (1986), pp. 251–66. (local copy).

In the last lecture, I shall refer to the paper 'Dancing Links' by Don Knuth, which can also be found online. There is a local copy of this paper too.