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Note: The gallant Raspberry Pi that hosts Spivey's Corner is proving a bit flaky at the moment, and I'm in the process of moving house to somewhere I can't pop into college and reboot it. The last crisis was, admittedly, caused by the cleaner not realising it was wired to the phone in the room, and accidentally spilling both onto the floor. The best I can do for now is to see how it goes, and think about replacing the hardware in September when I am next in Oxford with time to spare.

This wiki provides course materials and a discussion forum for the lecture courses that I gave to Computer Science students in Oxford. Some pages will contain course material, and I will protect those pages from editing, so that everyone can see the material as I presented it. Each protected page will have an associated discussion page, and you are welcome to add comments there, or to make corrections or additions to any of the other pages. To make edits, you will need to create an account for yourself, but anyone with an Oxford e-mail address is welcome to participate, in a way consistent with the code of conduct.

Course materials

College teaching

That check

Project ideas

  • A separate page has a list of projects that I'd currently like to supervise.
  • Another page has some older project ideas. Some of these have been done and the results are publicly available; others don't seem so relevant now as when I first suggested them.


Note: These books are slowly moving to GitHub, and PDF versions where available can be downloaded from there.


The three pussy-cats of Oriel



Pages for tutors

Defiantly hosted on Raspberry Pi

There are pages restricted to tutors that contain solutions for problem sheets and past exam papers. Tutors should create an account, then send an e-mail to Mike, who will add them the the tutors group and give them access to the tutors' section of the wiki.