Notes for next year

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  • Delete calls to set_priority, and allow all interrupts to have the priority 0 (the highest configurable priority) that is established on reset.
  • Notwithstanding that, change priorities so that they are in the portable range 0..255 instead of the implemented range 0..3. [Done]
  • Rename one of set_prio (sets priority of Phōs process) and set_priority (sets interrupt priority). [Done: it's irq_priority and priority]
  • Invent new names for the 4+ instruction fields that can name registers – avoiding confusion with the names used in ARM documentation.
  • Delegate all management of the NVIC to Phōs by folding interrupt configuration into connect, and providing a function reactivate (or rearm or reset or reconnect) to clear and reenable the interrupt from the server process. [Done: it's reconnect] [But wouldn't rearm be better?]
  • Express all times in millisec: the timer process now expects some arguments in microsec. [Done]