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The material in this section of the wiki is copied from Michael Berling's wonderful website Voices in the Net. No information about sources for downloading the Tangerine Tree recordings is given here.


Tangerine Tree was a project from 2002 through 2006 that was dedicated to the collection, preservation and distribution of unreleased concerts and other audio material by the band Tangerine Dream. The creators of the Tangerine Tree project received permission from Tangerine Dream to release the collection on a strict non-profit basis. Several of the Tangerine Tree volumes have been used as the basis for official Tangerine Dream releases. The project collected just under 300 hours of material (291:39:26).

Material was collected from audience recordings, soundboard recordings, recordings of radio and TV transmissions and in some cases the purchase of studio masters. Only recordings of a high quality and a unique nature were considered for the core Tangerine Tree volumes. These recordings were professionally re-mastered and released on CD-R and accompanied by high quality artwork for the CD labels and case liners.

Set Volumes Released
Set 1 1–8 February 2002
Set 2 9–16 July 2002
Set 3 17–26 January 2003
Set 4 27–37 August 2003
Set 5 38–48 April 2004
Set 6 49–61 August 2004
Set 7 62–71 August 2005
Set 8 72–79 November 2005
Set 9 80–87 February 2006
Set 10 88–92 August 2006

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